Viking Grave … Teaser

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Riikka turned to find Thorstein standing in the raw in the open doorway, his arousal evident. He made no attempt to cover his manhood.

“Hello. I am Thorstein. I am solid.” Riikka cringed as Thorstein smacked his hand against his chest as if to demonstrate this fact.

Lucy lifted her eyebrows, and Riikka could see her friend was trying very hard to contain herself.

“Yes, I can see that. You are definitely solid.

“Lucy, meet Thorstein. He’s a uh…” How the hell would she explain who he was? Oh, nothing to worry about, Lucy. He’s just a ghost that is transforming into a more corporeal form so that I can have sex with him. If I’m really lucky, he might even cook.

Riikka cleared her throat loudly. “Thorstein, why don’t you go back into the bedroom and get dressed?” She turned her attention back to Lucy. “I’ll see you in the kitchen in just a jiffy.

She followed Thorstein’s enormous form through the door, shutting it firmly behind them.

“What on earth do you think you’re doing?” Adrenaline coursed through her bloodstream, fueling her reaction. Her unforgiving grasp on the dresser drawer pull brought it flying out, almost detaching the knob from the body of the dresser. Immediately she dug around for some jeans and a top to wear.

“I do not understand. What is the matter?” He stared at her, blinking those amazing eyes. It was difficult not to look at what she’d come so close to having. Oh hell was he ever gorgeous. If only Lucy hadn’t shown up. She would be riding that stallion right now.

“You came out naked, you know, with no clothes on.” Riikka squinted in an effort to look menacing.

He laughed. “You are so funny when you do that. What is so wrong with being naked? Am I not pleasing to you?”

“Yes, of course you are. It’s just that Lucy is here and I don’t want her to see you.”

A huge, knowing smile broke out on his face. “So what you are really saying is that it makes you jealous when another woman sees my manhood?”

“What? I’m not jealous. I just didn’t want Lucy to know about you.”

“But that won’t work, Riikka. I am not leaving. I told you that. You will have to introduce me to everyone in your life.”

“No. I need more time. I just have to come up with a back story of how you got here and who you are.” She quickly brushed her long hair, securing it back into a ponytail.

“I am Thorstein the Viking. What more does she need to know?”

“Look, just get dressed and come out into the kitchen. I’ll make coffee. You do drink coffee?”

“I will try this caffy. Is it like our mead?”

“It’s pronounced coffee. And no, it isn’t like ale. It’s more like a food group all on its own.” Riikka left her huge Viking with a puzzled expression and closed the door behind her. She went directly to the kitchen, finding Lucy sitting in the same chair she’d occupied yesterday.

Soon the smell of very rich, strong coffee filled the kitchen. Riikka breathed in the smell, loving its intoxicating lure and unspoken promise.

“So, who is he?” Lucy delivered a don’t screw with me look.

“Well, you see, he’s…” But as fate would have it, Riikka didn’t get the chance to complete her made-up anything. Thorstein walked into the kitchen in full Viking regalia. He ducked as he went through the entranceway, the horns on his helmet close to scraping the ceiling. Where the hell had all that come from?

“I get it.” Lucy nodded at the enormous Viking. “Nice outfit. Where is your shield?”

“I did not bring it. I did not think I’d need protection.

Lucy clucked at him. “You should always carry protection.” When she winked at him, Riikka cringed, trying to think of a way to put a stop to all this insanity.