Trolling For Love…. Teaser



I cleared my throat, not really having a good answer for this one. “I really should help you move your boxes.”

Gren’s head went back, the sound of his laughter rich and intoxicating as it filled the space around us.

“Oh, you’ve moved me. Believe it. You are aware that your top is partly see-through?” He indicated down at my chest.

Hell, he was right! I’d forgotten all about it. I hadn’t worn this little number since last summer. The cotton was white, and I remembered that without a bra…

“They look tasty. You really must have had helping on your mind when you came here. I have helping on my mind also.” He squeezed my breast, just grazing his thumb over the hardened peak. “And perhaps a second helping, after.” Those green eyes took on a whole new dimension of sexy. “You shouldn’t have come here.” He spoke low, and I had no idea how to respond. I wanted him, this stranger that had my insides on a steady degree of sizzle.

“Please, Gren, put me down.” My words sounded hollow because I didn’t really want him to. I stared up at him through my lashes. Begging or flirting, I wasn’t exactly certain which at this point. My once reliable instincts had left me for another person. What the hell was I doing? I didn’t know anything about this man.

“I like the way you say please. I really like how my name comes off your lips. Normally, I’d want to have someone like you for dinner, but I’ll try to hold off.” He put me down, but not before kissing me. His lips were soft for someone with such a rugged look. Up close, his eyes took on a whole new dimension. They radiated something otherworldly, something dangerous and mysterious. Luckily when he did set me down, he didn’t let go until I’d gotten my legs back.

“I like what I see, Omelia.” He drawled out my name, licking his lips to make a point.