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I’ve been in the process of requesting my book rights back as my writing is changing course. I will be re-releasing some, but others will be re-worked. Stay tuned for further updates.

















For Sci Fi – head over to Anne Wentworth (my other pen name) Grow-Op Book 1 in the Double Helix Nebula series. For those who love space opera and psycho-aliens.







Book 2 in the Double Helix Nebula series: Stepping Off The Blue Planet – for release end of July 2017

Anne Wentworth science fiction (adult)



For all those that forgot to wipe their feet before crossing my threshold, see below.

Magic is everywhere, if you believe in it.


I’m writing science fiction (adult) under my other pen name: Anne Wentworth. (Science Fiction, NA, YA)

Book 2 in the Double Helix Nebula series projected release for end of July 2017. Title and Cover reveal soon.   http://annewentworth.net/