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Coming Soon – Trolling for Love (Shift Happens) -this was previously self-published, but I decided to revise the book and give it a make-over. Will announce release soon.  Once again, thank you to Dragonscayle Designs.

Note that the previously published and new books that I’ll be releasing will be lower heat, with a whole lot of story/relationship. I’m taking my writing in a new direction. Writing from the heart.



Wishing all a Happy Thanksgiving! My heart goes out to everyone trying to rebuild their lives and grieving after all the recent tragedies in Canada, the USA and Europe. We need some peace in this world.


A huge thank you to Kelly for her wonderful review of Ghosts Through The Mist on Amazon. Much appreciated. Have a great weekend everyone!

Oct 1/17  Dear Readers: As you may have noticed, some of my books are not available. I’ve been in the process of getting rights back and will be releasing the books in the future.Also, I’m in the process of revising Trolling For Love (Shift Happens).  For my Self-Published books – you will find them on Amazon as I’ve decided to keep everything in one place. Check back for updates/news etc.  Best, Leah

Hope you enjoyed the free promo.

A wise king once said—

Love is something more powerful than any warrior. It is alive and moves and shifts of its own accord, much like the seas around our island. It is not of this world, but a gift that has been given to each of us to bask in and only if we are truly fortunate. If the love you feel for Calder is true, it will not wither and die, but take root deep inside you, growing with absence and enduring of any other’s charm. You can’t throw love away. It isn’t a rock you throw into the waves and forget about. Like the ocean, fate will always bring it back to you.

He was right.






Romance/Historical/Second Chances/Adventure

Heat level: sensual

Fate is cruel to those without a voice.

I was born Solveig, but my family called me Dark Raven because I was different and they considered me cursed, treating me as a servant. When the new Jarl found out they’d kept raiding spoils, he banished them from our settlement. They had planned on sneaking off in the spring, but everything changed and Jarl Calder brought me into his house. I gave him my heart and thought he returned my feelings, but he had other ideas. Again I found I was a servant and Calder was to marry a Jarl’s daughter to unite the two powerful families. Galdi, another servant, said his new bride would make my life torture and I would have to find a way to leave.

The opportunity came when the Jarl was negotiating with the Picts for new lands. Galdi said the king would like me because I was dark and different and she suggested he give me as the extra piece of silver to sweeten the deal. And so I was to sail off, my heart broken, to a new land with people I knew nothing of. But fate can turn the sea into a road and once you take a step, you won’t know where it ends unless you keep going.




An open letter to the Blue Jay outside my window.

Dear Blue Jay: Shut up, my ears are bleeding.