Sailing Through Fire & Ice … Teaser

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He stared at her. For the first time ever, Riikka saw some of that sun-kissed tan wash out of his complexion.

“Without the shamans, how would I get her back?” Riikka threw her hands up and marched off. Pointless. She was yelling at a big stubborn Viking and that was akin to trying to reason with an ape.

She’d made it up to the rocks. At least in this area the sand was dry and there were logs to sit on. She picked up a handful of seaweed, plucking at it.

Thorstein reached her, sitting down onto the log beside her.

“Riikka, don’t be angry. It isn’t going to help this. I can understand that you believe that to be Lucy and therefore I get that you’d be upset with the idea of her being stuck in this time. Let it go. The God will reveal itself, I promise you.” He cupped her chin, turning her face to his.

His kiss was gentle, coaxing and Riikka found it impossible not to respond. Thorstein could ignite her with a look. He broke away, trailing his fingers down her neck, stopping just at the hollow of her cleavage.

“I need you.” He whispered, lowering himself down onto the sand, using the log as a backrest. When he undid his pants, his erection pushed free, standing tall and swollen. With one quick move, he whipped his tunic off.

“I would take everything off, but I don’t want sand up my ass.” He grinned at her and she laughed out. Impossible. Too charming, too gorgeous and now she was too horny to protest.

“Take off everything. I want your breasts in my face.” He held his hand out to her.

Riikka stripped off. The sea air touched her skin, sending little quakes of shiver over its surface. She straddled his body, still standing. “Lick me.” He wasn’t the only one with needs.

He buried his face between her legs. When his tongue hit her sex, she jolted. He moved, getting a grip on her body, one hand on her tit and the other grasping her ass.

“Give me your honey, wife.”